So you want to buy us a gift. That’s awesome! We love gifts!

But the thing is, we’ve been living together for quite a few years now, and we already own a pretty sweet house full of stuff.

While we could always use things like more fancy-type sheets and towels (King and double size, light in colour because Meg’s face regime bleaches everything), there’s really only so many of those that our linen closet will hold. So we encourage you to think outside the box, and talk to us about what you think might be a good idea for a present. We tried registering in a few places, but found that we didn’t have specific enough wants, and the sites which allow you to make money pools for bigger items generally charge 5-10%, which is just ridiculous in our opinion.

So, think about it, and if you come up with something you think we’d like, go for it. If you don’t, no worries. We can always use money towards things like a vacation/honeymoon (we’re going to Colombia for a wedding in February, and would like to take a skiing vacation in January), home renovations, or whatever else life throws at us.


If you have anything you want to run by us, just email us here:


<3 Meg and Chris